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The Flagship company of the group is Shri Shakti LPG Ltd.
(SSLPG). SSLPG is an integrated LPG Company with its own dedicated port facilities, bulk storage terminals, network of bottling plants and distribution outlets and manufacture of LPG cylinders and LPG conversion kits for 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers & Gensets.

Further, SSLPG has established itself as the market leader in the Indian private sector and has the largest customer base of over 2 lakhs.

SSLPG has import facilities on East Coast (Kakinada). SSLPG has three bottling plants at Kakinada, Hyderabad and Bangalore and the distribution network covers entire Southern India, with over 300 exclusive dealers.

On 23rd September 1996, SSLPG has commissioned its own Port facilities at Kakinada which is the first LPG import facility to be designed and built from scratch after the Government of India permitted private sector in the field of LPG marketing. It is also the first LPG import facility at a minor port in our country. This facility consists of SSLPG’s own LPG vessel "MB - Shri Shakti", which is the first LPG Carrier to be built in India and classified by Lloyds Register of Shipping, London.

Shakti Gas has already established itself as the private sector market leader and is working hard to be known as the most reliable and safest gas company. Shri Shakti’s achievements have been crowned at a glittering ceremony on 28th January, 1997 where the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri H.D.Deve Gowda, dedicated India’s largest LPG Infrastructure to the Nation.


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