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LP Gas Import  Facility at Kakinada, East Coast of India

The import system consists of a trans-shipment operation from ship-to-ship in the Kakinada Anchorage Port. LPG is transferred from the mother ship to our own custom built LPG Carrier of 150 MT. Incidentally, this is the first LPG Gas Carrier to be built in India and classified by the best known classification society, i.e. Lloyds Register of Shipping, London. After the transshipment, our LPG Carrier, "MB - Shri Shakti" travels from the Anchorage to our Shore Terminal in the Kakinada Port Area where LPG is unloaded into the bullets provided on shore and it is subsequently loaded into Road Tankers and dispatched to various locations. 

Lot of care has been taken in planning, design and construction of this facility. Greatest attention has been paid to safety in all aspects of bulk LPG handling. In fact, a comprehensive Safety Assessment Study was conducted by Lloyds Register of Industrial Services, Bombay and their guidelines and recommendations are followed for operating this system.

Shri Shakti’s LPG import facility at Kakinada has an installed capacity of 100,000 MT per year.


Bottling Plants at Kakinada

Currently, Shri Shakti has one bottling plant at Kakinada. Kakinada Bottling Plant has a capacity to fill 45,000 MT per annum or in other words, 10,000 cylinders per day.


Shakti Gas Auto Kit

The Shakti Gas Auto KitS have been developed in association with ARAI and have been tested and approved by both VRDE & ARAI, the statutory testing authorities. The LPG kits can be fitted on 3-wheelers, 2-wheelers and gensets.


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